Save on sports and back-to-school physicals

August 25, 2010

But often, these aren't covered by insurance -- and out-of-pocket costs can run $60 or more.

You can save on these checkups though, thanks to a special deal at Take Care Clinics located inside some local Walgreens stores.

"Currently, we're running a promotion through the end of September where an individual can get a back-to-school or a sports physical for $35," explains Nurse Practitioner Patricia Jacob.

"And if two or more individuals come in together, they can each get a back-to-school or sports physical for $30."

The checkups are performed by licensed registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

"We do a pretty comprehensive physical exam, as well as a mental well-being exam, and we also discuss their immuniztion status, and some of the high-risk behaviors that some of the kids are potentially into," Jacob explains.

The clinics are open seven days a week, including evening and weekend hours. No appointments are needed.

"We don't want to take the place of their normal PCP and their normal yearly exam that they have at their primary care provider," Jacob says. "But a lot of patients don't have a primary care provider, so it's certainly a great opportunity for anyone to ome in and get a physical for a reduced rate."

To find a Take Care Clinic, click here.

For details on the back-to-school deal, click here.

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