Real-life cat burglar caught on camera

February 15, 2011 5:11:59 AM PST
There is a habitual criminal on the loose in the San Francisco area. You only have to take one look at him to know why he's called a cat burglar.

That's because he is a cat.

Dusty roams the streets of San Mateo, California at night and burglarizes neighbors' homes.

The other night he came home with 11 stolen items

He especially likes to steal women's bathing suits.

Recently, he took Kelly McClelland's bikini bottoms from her clothes line.

"(Then he) Came back about 10 minutes later and took the top home," McClelland said. "So, yeah, we know him very well."

In the past three years, dusty has stolen about 600 items.

He's made quite a name for himself appearing on the cable television channel Animal Planet.