2 more dogs likely poisoned in South Jersey

March 3, 2011 8:37:57 PM PST
The deaths of 2 more dogs have been tied to the apparently poisoned meat left in a remote area of South Jersey.

On Tuesday, we told you of Joan Jardel's golden retriever, who died last month after eating meat near the Dividing Creek in Cumberland County.

2 other pets died in the same area the day after Jardel lost Raymond. Yesterday, a man came forward saying his 2 dogs died under the same circumstances in an adjacent area.

So far, tests haven't determined what poison was in the meat.

Joan Jardel tells Action News that back on Thursday, she and her dog Raymond were walking along the trail when the dog spotted a meatball on the ground and ate it.

Within a matter of minutes, Joan says, Raymond grew seriously ill and convulsions quickly followed. He died within the hour.

The very next day, two more dogs died the same way in the same area. The belief is that mystery meat, discovered in another part of the Creek, was laced with poison, then nestled in the grass as some sort of bait.

Officials say so far preliminary testing has come up negative for arsenic, strychnine, and cyanide.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the SPCA at 856-691-1500.