Two firefighters injured in Bucks County

March 25, 2011 10:01:02 PM PDT
Two firefighters were injured trying to extinguish a burning front loader on Friday in Bucks County.

Two Bucks County firefighters are in hospitals Friday night. They suffered burns in an explosion while fighting a tractor fire.

A 25 year old captain of the Warrington Fire Department is being treated at Temple University Hospital burn unit for severe burns suffered in an explosion.

Another firefighter, a Battalion Chief in his mid-30s, is being treated at Abington Hospital for facial burns.

It happened at the Victory Gardens at Winding Brook Farms at Pinkertown and Folly Roads just before 5:00pm.

Firefighters responded to a report of a front end loader on fire.

"We had a fully involved loader, when my crew members, my battalion chief, and my captain were stretching the line up, we had an explosion that created a fireball," explained Chief Mike Bean of the Warrington Fire Department.

The explosion was so powerful that it blew one of the rear tires and axles off of the tractor, shooting shrapnel all over the place.

"It took the drive shaft and everything and projectiles towards them," explained Chief Bean. "They were actually caught up in the fireball itself."

Officials say the facility has a troubled past. There have been a series of fires emanating from large mounds of mulch and compost.

Recently, a front end loader rolled down from the top of the large mountain of mulch, trapping the driver inside.

"He was in the cab area, but due to his injuries, we had to extricate him," explained Chief Bean. "They ended up flying him to Temple also."

The Chief did not release the names of the injured firefighters for the time being, but he was asking for prayers from all those concerned.

"Keep my Captain and Battalion Chief in their prayers and just for the best. They're stable, and their families are with them at this point," said Chief Bean. "The membership of the organization is down there with them."

Police and the Fire Marshal's office are investigating the incident. The facility is also the subject of an investigation.