Firefighters feeling heat over YouTube videos

May 5, 2011 3:40:09 PM PDT
There is more evidence that showing up on YouTube is oftentimes a bad idea.

A disciplinary panel is investigating videos firefighter Mike Tizol posted on YouTube last fall of what they call typical firehouse banter.

Tizol and his Battalion Chief John Grollion are facing disciplinary charges for conduct unbecoming a firefighter and undercutting the chain of command.

The taping was done inside Engine 71 where both were assigned.

The battalion chief has been placed on desk duty down at headquarters and his hearing will happen in the near future.

The videos contained profanity someone complained is offensive.

"Everyone in his chain of command was not only in on it, but encouraged it and had fun with it, and all it was, people have to understand, this is firehouse banter, this is how we get along," Mike Kane of the Firefighters Union Local 22 said.

Tizol took the postings down as soon as he was notified of the complaint. The city's issue is it was posted on the internet for the world to see.

This comes just a week after a Philadelphia firefighter was on the hot seat for posing shirtless in a calendar. He did get his job back after receiving a verbal reprimand.

Tizol and the battalion chief are hoping for something similar.

The two firefighters remain in a state of limbo as they wait for the top brass to reach a verdict on what further discipline, if any, will be coming their way.