U2 takes the stage at the Linc

July 15, 2011 5:58:53 AM PDT
An enormous crowd turned out Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field to see and hear U2.

U2 hit the stage with more than 75,000 people cheering them on in the stands.

With an elaborate, massive setup right in the middle of the field and huge screens, fans who couldn't get in to the Linc were still able to see the show.

"Free is the best seat in the house, this is amazing" said U2 fan Tiffany Bryan, who had a standing stand outside the stadium. "This is the best."

One group of people stood on the median on 11th Street enjoying every note coming out of the stadium.

"I've liked them for years...they have a very unique sound," said Emily Schuster.

Many people waited for days to see the legendary group and couldn't wait to hear them, but for one couple, the large venue was a little too much.

"It took way too long to start and we couldn't hear ourselves think," said Maggie West. "It's just not our thing."

They were definitely in the minority because there were plenty of fans inside and outside who couldn't get enough.

"Just being able to be this close and see such an iconic band and actualy hear them, nothing, better, so awesome," said Bryan.