Parenting: Kid Humor

The Murphy kids always enjoy a good joke. Sometimes, kids can be way funnier than this!

February 23, 2012 5:44:58 AM PST
This parenting blog scores on multiple points.

First, the following link was brought to my attention by my daughter and second, it involves kids' humor, and is a reminder of how funny our kids can be.

As a parent, we can sometimes use a reminder of this since a lot of our daily parenting involves chores, appointments and responsibilities.

Try reading some very funny responses by young grade school students to questions about dating and marriage.

Maybe you'll be inspired to ask your own kids some probing questions covering the life subjects they've become aware of.

Some of the responses might be worth a laugh, but could also enlighten you a bit on what your kids are thinking about and how their little minds are expanding.

This general group of questions and answers is actually available on several places across the internet, but my daughter found it here on

Enjoy! Then, go ask your young kids what they think!

---David Murphy

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