12 dogs, including puppies, seized in Kensington

Rasheed Johnson

February 27, 2012 3:47:53 PM PST
The Pennsylvania SPCA said a total of 12 dogs, including 9 puppies, were rescued from a suspected breeding and dog-fighting operation in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

The puppies are even ready for adoption. However, it was a close call for all the dogs, according to officials.

"Thank God we were able to rescue them before they would make it into the fighting world," PSPCA spokesman George Bengal said.

It was on Sunday when investigators were called to the 3300 block of H Street.

They found the first of the twelve dogs tied up in the backyard.

"There were two dogs in the backyard that were literally living in filth, that were scarred up and appeared to be animals that were used in fighting," Bengal said.

Officers discovered the nine puppies in the basement, living in unsanitary conditions, along with another dog believed to be their mother.

She showed the affects of battle wounds with her face swollen and body covered with scars.

Rasheed Johnson, 36, was arrested and charged with multiple felony counts for possession of animals used in fighting and multiple summary charges for keeping animals in unsanitary conditions and lack of veterinary care.

According to the SPCA, paraphernalia typically used in animal fighting was found on the premises.

Officers raided the same address two years ago and seized 18 dogs then.

Investigators say they can make arrests, but the dog fighting just doesn't ever seem to end.

"As many of these individuals that we arrest there seems to be more that step up to take their place," Bengal said.

The SPCA also said Philadelphia Police were called when narcotics were also found on the property, so Johnson is now also facing drug charges.

Police say this investigation is ongoing.

As for the dogs, the adult pit bulls need more medical care, but the puppies are ready for adoption.

Two of the nine puppies already have found new homes.

For information on adopting the puppies, contact the Pennsyvlania SPCA at (215) 426-6300.