10 cars spray-painted in Oxford Circle

June 14, 2012 3:25:14 PM PDT
Some people in the Oxford Circle section of Philadelphia woke up Thursday morning to find their cars had been spray-painted.

"Please don't do it again, it's hurting a lot of families," William Miller pleads.

A plea from neighbors who live along the quiet Oxford Circle street.

William Miller said a neighbor knocked on his door to alert him to the damage that had been done.

Residents along the 5500 block of Miriam Road awakened to find the passenger sides of their cars marred with spray paint early Thursday morning.

"I came out and was like wow. Now I have to get a paint job, more money coming out the pockets," said Laytesha Johnson.

"This community is a hard working community. We work very hard to provide for our family, and you wake up this morning and your car is vandalized," Miller said.

A line of green paint along their windows, a line of red along the body, police say around 10 cars were hit.

Neighbors explain this is out of character for their community...but they've seen a troubling trend in other areas of the city.

"I think they got too much time on their hands, too much time," said Lateysha. "It started further northeast with the slashing of the tires, busting out windows in South Philly; now it's down here with the spray paint."

Throughout the day, residents worked to scrub out the damage hoping to save a few bucks by cleaning up the paint themselves.

They say they will be sure to keep an eye out on the block to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"I would only hope that I'm not coming out of my house, and I see somebody spray painting on my car or one of my neighbors'. That would be a problem," said Gilbert Hamilton. "I only hope that they get caught before they get caught. I think you can understand what I'm saying about that."

The incident is under investigation.

Anyone with information that could help locate those responsible for the vandalism is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.