Search for wolf-dog hybrid in Philadelphia

June 26, 2012 6:12:15 AM PDT
There is a lot of talk, and plenty of concern today surrounding an animal that's been spotted in Pennypack Park.

Twice Monday afternoon, the Action Cam got a good look at the animal that's been causing a great deal of excitement in Northeast Philadelphia.

Neighbors first spotted what looks a lot like a wolf over a week ago. When they reported the sightings to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, wildlife officials assumed the neighbors had seen a coyote. Several of them live in the park.

But then neighbors began getting pictures of the animal and it became clear that it wasn't a coyote.

Neighbors say the animal comes out of the woods several times a day to rest in the grass, but it has never exhibited any aggressive behavior. In fact, people have been driving up to the edge of the park to try to feed or get photos of the animal.

But Game Commission officers are concerned that the more contact the animal has with people, the more likely it is to get spooked or feel cornered, and that could lead to problems. That's why a representative of the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania has been called in. The hope is the animal can be trapped and brought to the sanctuary near Lititz, where it will be safe.

It's illegal for individuals to own wolves or wolf-hybrids in Pennsylvania, though zoos and educational centers can get special permits for them.