Wolf-dog successfully captured in Pennypack Park

The Action Cam was there as a wolf-dog hybrid roamed in Pennypack Park in Northeast Philadelphia on Monday, June 25th.

July 5, 2012 6:41:23 AM PDT
Officials with the Pennsylvania Game Commission announced Tuesday that they had captured the wolf-hybrid, which had been seen wandering Philadelphia's Pennypack Park in recent days.

PHOTOS of the wolf-dog in Pennypack Park: WEBSITE VISITORS | WIRELESS VISITORS

The capture happened early this morning as specialists lured the animal with hotdogs to a foothold trap. According to Dan Lynch, a PGC Southeast Region Wildlife Education Specialist, "The animal was out of the trap in less than a minute and was seemingly unfazed by the experience as it sat calmly in its transport pen."

Foothold traps are designed for the most humane capture possible and are commonly used in wildlife research, particularly for catching canines.

The decision to use hotdogs as bait was based on the observation that the wolf-dog had become accustomed to eating leftover hotdogs left in the park.

The wolf-dog was transported to the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania in Lancaster County for a health assessment.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the 22-acre woodland sanctuary houses wolves and wolf-hybrids who have are ownerless and without proper permits to be kept legally.