Tis the season for the "Nutcracker"

May 15, 2013 7:54:52 AM PDT
For many families, it wouldn't be the holidays without the Nutcracker. But this year, a local dance school is giving the classic tale a distinctly Philadelphia twist.

The Rock School of Dance calls its show Nutcracker 17-76. Instead of being set in a parlor during Victorian times, it takes place at City Tavern in the heyday of Colonial- era Philadelphia.

The basic story elements are the same? two children entrusted with a magical Nutcracker embark on the adventures of a lifetime?. and it's set to Tchaikovsky's familiar Nutcracker score. But Nutcracker 17-76 has a revolutionary theme.

Bo Spassoff, President & Director of Rock School for Dance Education said, "Ben Franklin is one of the central characters and George Washington makes an appearance and Thomas Jefferson."

"They're British soldiers as huge mice and so we have a wonderful snow scene with lots of snow and then the second act is a lot of athletic dancing," Spassoff continued.

The Rock School teaches the art of dance to students from all over the world. Many will go on to become professional ballerinas and Broadway and film stars. Nutcracker 17-76 features a cast of nearly 200 and it condenses the classic tale to a faster-paced, more action-packed hour long version.

Stephanie Spassoff, Artistic Director of Rock School for Dance Education added, "Oh it's Nutcracker and Nutcracker is for a young person-especially girls, I think it just has a special magic. And so it's really geared to a family to be able to go in and have the little ones as well as the older ones enjoy it."

Nutcracker 17-76 will play December 1st at the Merriam Theatre and December 8th at Centennial Hall at the Haverford School. Go to The Rock School for show times and tickets.