No heat for some Upper Darby residents

January 22, 2013 3:45:54 PM PST
Staying warm in this cold weather is a necessity and everyone is coming up with their own way to deal with the falling temperatures.

In Center City, workers are layering up trying to put the right combination of clothes on to stay warm.

"I can't be too bulky because I want to be nimble enough to climb the tower," Jamell Worthy of Clayton, New Jersey said.

For Ayaz Kahn of Zada's hotdog truck, the colder weather makes working a little easier.

"I don't need [a coat] because the grill is really hot," Ayaz Kahn said.

But for several people in Upper Darby, they can't get away from the cold.

The heater in their apartments isn't working.

"It's cold. I'm really cold," Victoria Savage said.

The families say they were given space heaters by the Gardens Apartment complex to stay warm and letters from the property manager say that they are working on the problem.

Action News reached out to the apartment management, but was not able to get a response, even during business hours.

So tonight, on the coldest night so far this year, Victoria says she's going to do the best she can to stay warm.

"I'm confined to my bedroom with that one little heater," Victoria said.

Crews working on the heating system say they hope to restore everything by the end of the week.