Delaware courthouse opens to public after shooting

February 14, 2013 3:40:06 PM PST
The New Castle County Courthouse opened to the public on Thursday after a shooting there ended with three people dead earlier this week.

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Community members gave out free coffee and hugs as people entered the building in Wilmington.

There were long security lines inside as the public was met with a glaring reminder of what happened on Monday morning. A revolving door was boarded up, awaiting new glass.

It was there that Thomas Matusiewicz exchanged gunfire with the police after he shot and killed two women: his former daughter-in-law, Christine Belford, and her friend, Laura Elizabeth Mulford. He then went outside and shot himself in the head.

Some of the people arriving at the courthouse on Thursday came with a dose of apprehension.

"A little anxiety. I know they cleared it out and made sure everything's safe, but there will still be concerns. You don't know if it will happen again," said Justin DeMark of New Castle.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the killings continues. A search warrant for Matusiewicz's home in Texas indicates the police believe his wife Lenore and his son David may have conspired with him to commit murder.

In an exclusive interview with Action News, Lenore Matusiewicz says she had no idea her husband was planning to kill their former daughter-in-law Christine Belford and her lawyer.

"There was nothing, nothing that said 'I'm going to go out and shoot Christine or anybody else," she said.

Lenore Matusiewicz says her husband had been dealing with an inoperable brain tumor since the 1990's and he had recently taken a turn for the worse.

She says she wished she could have stopped him.

"I would have stepped in front of the gun. I didn't want anybody dead," she said.

Meanwhile, Thursday was a tough day for the family of Beth Mulford who was born on Valentine's Day. "She was a very good person, she had a big heart, she loved the kids, she loved her family," the victim's father William Mahan said. Her two young daughters had already bought gifts for the mother they will never see again. Her father says he's just glad he had a chance to see her Sunday night, just hours before she was killed. "I thank the Lord I went over to see her Sunday night and I took her little Valentine gift and birthday gift combined," William said.

Lenore Matusiewicz has been interviewed by detectives, and she's not been charged with anything. Her son, David, has a detention hearing tomorrow that may shed more light on where the investigation is headed. He is being held on a probation violation.

Beth's father says he's convinced Lenore and David Matusiewiscz knew what Thomas was planning and he has a message for them.

"I'm a'coming. We are going to pursue everything, every avenue we can, legal [avenues,]" William Mahan said.