Philly, Lehigh fans react to Eagles' training camp move

March 15, 2013 7:46:01 PM PDT
It was a mixed reaction from Eagles' fans in Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley regarding the team's training camp move.

"I think it's a good move. Chip Kelly is trying to take over, make some moves and be different," said Jim Nicholson.

"I think it's great to move to NovaCare, it's closer for our family to see them at practice and see them in the summer," said Steve Eberling.

The team tells Action News that fewer practices will be open to the public in South Philadelphia.

Fans will get roughly four or five free days at Lincoln Financial Field, compared to at least a dozen at Lehigh University.

Other practices will be held at the NovaCare complex but access to those will be by invitation only due to limited space.

"I go up to Lehigh every summer with my dad. He's a season ticket holder. I'd miss it if we didn't get to do it this year," said Matt Cassidy.

Meanwhile, the announcement blindsided local business owners in Bethlehem.

Fans flocked to places like Starters Pub during camp and the move is a financial blow to many establishments.

"Surprised, I thought they had signed a deal to be there for the next four or five years, so we'll see what happens," said Matt Weaver.

"It's deep for people trying to earn a living up there. It's not good. Not right what they are doing. Jeffrey Lurie is greedy," said Nick Scappa.

It's also the end of a 17 year tradition. Many locals say they'll miss the hustle and bustle of training camp but it was good while it lasted.

"It was great to be real close to the players, to see how big they are. They were very friendly and very cordial so the experience was awesome," said Michael Fischer.