Lentil: little puppy, big mission (PHOTOS)

Lentil the puppy is a 9-week-old French bulldog from Fishtown born with a cleft palate. Lindsay Condefer, founder of the nonprofit Street Tails Animal Rescue and a pet foster parent, took in Lentil. Lentil will have cleft palate surgery at the University of Pennyslvania on May 28th.

May 15, 2013 8:50:13 PM PDT
Behind the kisses and cuddles of the adorable 3.5-month-old French bulldog, the bean-sized pup named Lentil is undergoing a major struggle to survive.

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The puppy from Fishtown was born with a primary and secondary cleft palate. Each day is a risk. Each meal is fed through a tube.

WATCH: Web exclusive video of Lentil

"Anything that enters his mouth can go, it's almost like a 50-50 chance, straight into his lungs or where it should be his stomach," Lentil's owner Lindsay Condefer said.

Since birth, the French Bulldog Rescue Network has been raising funds for the lovable fighter.

His foster mom, Lindsay, has set up a Facebook page for the pup which has nearly 70,000 fans.

Complete strangers have donated enough money for Lentil to undergo a high-risk cleft palette surgery at the end of the month.

People have stepped up to support the little puppy.

"He makes people smile," Lindsay said.

Lentil is paying his good will forward.

He's using his story to raise awareness and spend time visiting children who have similar medical issues.

"So many people love him for the way he looks, but a child going through the same thing, they're being judged, it's not fair," Lindsay said.

Lentil's medical bills are now paid for through donations. Lindsay says the world has saved "this little bean."

Additional funds raised will go to animal shelters as well as the Children's Craniofacial Association.

Lentil will undergo his cleft palette surgery on May 28th at the University of Pennsylvania.

There's a pretty high chance that he will need additional surgeries after that so his road to recovery is long, but the immense support he has is pushing his fight forward.