Two Black-owned food trucks opening first brick and mortar locations

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Thursday, February 23, 2023
Two Black-owned food trucks get first brick and mortar locations
Cloud cups and Bake'n Bacon, both Black owned food trucks, are getting their first brick and mortar locations.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- They've made a name for themselves as popular food trucks in the city. Now, Cloud cups and Bake'n Bacon, both Black-owned businesses, are getting their first brick and mortar locations.

In a post pandemic world, it's a win for these budding entrepreneurs.

Bake'n Bacon will soon have a home at the corner of 11th and Ellsworth and Action News got a first look of the space coming to South Philadelphia.

"It's so surreal because there's been so much with the food truck - pandemic, surviving the pandemic. So, to be able to be Philadelphia's first and only bacon inspired restaurant is a big deal," said Justin Coleman, Owner and Creator of Bake'n Bacon.

But getting here wasn't easy. Coleman says he overcame several hurdles, including getting turned down by four different banks.

"It's special to me because representation is important, to show other entrepreneurs that are people of color that we can do it," he said.

Once his restaurant is completed and opens, bacon will obviously be on the menu, along with smoked brisket, grilled chicken, mac and cheese and a variety of vegetarian and pescatarian options.

Over in Fishtown, Cloud Cups is planning to open their own storefront.

"It took us four years to transition from wholesale to events to food truck to gelato cart, which we introduced last year. And now we're getting ready to open up a store," said Galen Thomas, Owner of Cloud Cups.

They're known for 90 unique flavors of gelato, including their legendary banana pudding and a popular brown cinnamon sugar pop tart.

"Our flavors took us to the next level and people just wanted somewhere where they could come and touch and see us," said Thomas.

While most Black -owned businesses were disproportionately hit harder during the pandemic, these entrepreneurs are determined to fulfill a dream realized.

"Ownership is super important for people of color because we have something that we can pass down and this is my first and won't be my last," said Coleman.

Both businesses are expecting to open sometime in Spring 2023.