Bodied by Benzii uses food, fitness to make Philly healthier

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Twenty-five-year-old Benzii Diaz is a certified personal trainer with her own full-time training and food delivery business.

Her business is Bodied by Benzii and it's also her life motto.

Diaz grew up in North Carolina and is a child trafficking survivor, she says she found healing through being good to her body.

Over the pandemic Diaz discovered she had a food allergy and is now gluten-free and dairy-free.

The idea for her sister company, Bodied Mealz on Wheelz, started from her own food allergy discovery.

Bodied Mealz on Wheelz is a food delivery service for people who have food sensitivities such as vegan, keto, gluten, etc. Diaz is also using her program to help those in low-income communities.

In addition to the food delivery options, Bodied Mealz on Wheelz also offers cold-pressed juices, meal prep and groceries.

Diaz recently launched an app where her clients can place orders and she is currently raising money to purchase a van to transport groceries.

Bodied by Benzii | Bodied Mealz on Wheelz
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