From Puebla to Philly: The Last Abuela pop-up shop in Fishtown is authentic Mexican street-food with meaning  

ByBethany Owings via WPVI logo
Monday, September 21, 2020
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At Castellino's Italian Market, Italian meets authentic Mexican.

At Castellino's Italian Market, Italian food meets authentic Mexican.

About once a month, at the side window of Castellino's, you can find The Last Abuela, a pop-up shop dishing out authentic Mexican street-food.

The owners of Castellino's are business partners with married couple Mariana Hernandez and Julio Rivera and share the building, they're also Fishtown residents. Mariana started working at Castellino's and brought in incredible homemade dishes.

So delicious, Castellino's brought them on as a pop-up, and the food goes like the hot tamales they sell.

Mariana incorporates generations of traditional knowledge in her cooking, and possesses a deep love and respect for her grandmother, where she gets most of her recipes.

Mariana and Julio are from Puebla, Mexico but met in Philly, and are now passing along family customs to their two children and the community.

The Sopes are corncakes, sometimes referred to as Mexican pizza, and are hard to find around the area.

It's dinner like a traditional Mexican grandmother would make.

The Last Abuela | Facebook | Instagram

1255 East Palmer Street Philadelphia, PA 19125

Next pop-up September 20th, 2020 11am-4pm at Castellino's Italian Market

Castellino's Italian Market | Facebook

1255 East Palmer Street Philadelphia, PA 19125