Castellino's Italian Market 'makes subs, offers hubs'

ByNatalie Jason via WPVI logo
Monday, August 23, 2021
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Castellino's is well known for its hoagies and specialty shops. Now, it's getting recognized as a pop-up stop for emerging businesses.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Castellino's is a sandwich shop and Italian grocery known for its hoagies and specialty sandwiches.

When co-owners Cara Jo Castellino Barrow and Matt Barrow realized they had extra space, they decided to make it available to local makers -- creating a hub for new or growing businesses.

Food purveyors such as Float Dreamery and Newman the Food Man have weekend pop-ups -- hosted by Castellino's and held out the side window of the store.

Matt and Cara post the schedule of upcoming pop-ups regularly on their Instagram.

Castellino's Italian Market | Facebook | Instagram

1255 E. Palmer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Hours 12-5 pm -- closed Sat., Sun., Mon.