2 Center City Wawas close for good, others expected to reduce overnight hours

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
2 Center City Wawas close, others expected to reduce overnight hours
Wawa announced the closures last week, citing "continued safety and security challenges and business factors."

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Two Wawas in Center City Philadelphia are now closed for good.

The chain's location at 12th and Market streets is closed. The same goes for the location at 19th and Market streets.

Wawa announced the closures last week, citing "continued safety and security challenges and business factors."

"Literally kids just grabbing stuff and I think that was the only reason they went in there," said Vincent Jones, recalling an incident he says he witnessed at the 12th and Market location.

It's no secret it has been a difficult time for Wawa in and around the city.

Last week, an armed man walked into a store in Lower Southampton, pulled a gun on the employees and stole money from the cash register.

He's believed to be the same man who did the same thing at a store close by in Holland.

Back in September, more than 100 teens ransacked a Wawa in Mayfair.

Now it's reported several more stores in Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County are reducing overnight hours in a move to protect employees and property.

Associates working at the closed locations will be offered employment at other stores.

"All associates from these two stores will be offered continued employment at Wawa. These two closures do not necessarily impact or limit the potential for future stores in Philadelphia County. We continue to be focused on doing everything we can to monitor," a Wawa spokesperson said.

The spokesperson had additional comments regarding the Market Street stores' closures:

"These closures do not diminish in any way our on-going commitment to serve the Philadelphia community or our acknowledgment of the effort and support we continue to receive from local police. It is our hope to repurpose these two locations to further benefit Philadelphia.

"We are very sorry we can't be there for our friends and neighbors at these two locations, but we continue to serve the community from our other nearby stores and our commitment to the greater region remains strong. Philadelphia is our hometown and that's something that will never change."

Neighbors Action News spoke with say they understand Wawa's decision.

"I want them to be safe. So, if that's how y'all are going to be safe, that's fine with me," said Laurie Johnson of Northeast Philadelphia.

On Monday, Mayor Jim Kenney's office released a statement regarding the closures:

"City officials have been in communication with Wawa leadership regarding the challenges that they have faced, specifically at certain locations and we will continue to support them."