43 Artists Unveil Real-Time Creations at Cherry Street Pier Festival

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Tiny Room For Elephants arts festival is fun for whole family
The Tiny Room for Elephants event at Cherry Street Pier has events for the whole family through Sunday.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Cherry Street Pier at Penn's Landing is now an outdoor museum, filled with larger-than-life works of art from 43 artists who have been painting together for the past 10 days straight.

They've been creating the masterpieces live, in real time.

The Tiny Room For Elephants festival will officially premiere the works Thursday night at a massive party.

"This is a living gallery," says Damion Ward, co-founder of Tiny Room for Elephants. "You go to an art gallery, and everything is nicely displayed and framed on a white wall. Here, you get to see the process. You get to see the artists pouring themselves into these pieces, which is great."

This is the fifth year for the festival and the first time they've been in person since 2019. Organizers says you can expect a massive party.

"We have some performance art, we've got drink, we've got food, we've got some special surprises and delights with giveaways and laser light shows," says YaYa Horne, co-founder and CEO of Tiny Room for Elephants. "We're just super excited to show off what all of these artists have been working so hard to do."

This is an art festival for artists, musicians included.

The Tiny Room for Elephants premiere event kicks off Thursday night at 6 p.m. at Cherry Street Pier, with events for the whole family through Sunday.

Click here for details and the full schedule.