Time is running out to ship your holiday packages

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Saturday, December 16, 2023
Time is running out to ship your holiday packages
Time is running out to ship your holiday packages

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Christmas is fast approaching and there are some looming deadlines to keep in mind to ensure your holidays go off without a hitch.

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Many walking around Center City Philadelphia Friday night had a shopping bag in hand.

"I'm getting a late start but I just figured while I was down here I'd pick up some things," said Arnold Fallen, of Mt. Airy.

"You can't kind of beat the holiday theme and the vibes out here so it's always nice to get out here physically," said Phil Guida of Logan Square.

Given the mild weather, a lot of folks are picking up holiday gifts in person.

"I am getting something for my friend for tonight, just like a Christmas sweater," said Olivia Marchetta of North Philadelphia.

However, some are feeling the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping more than others.

Friday was the deadline for FedEx 5-day ground shipping. The U.S. Postal Service's ground shipping and first-class mail deadline is Saturday. For UPS's 3-day select, you must mail your packages by December 19 to avoid paying extra for expedited delivery.

That's the pressure some families are feeling.

"We have family that lives in Florida, out in California, so you gotta try to get everything out there and all," said Matthew Chance of Williamstown, NJ.

Others say you can't put a price on shopping festivities.

"I love Christmas shopping and I mean it's really bad 'cause I just will spend so much money, but I love Christmas shopping so it doesn't matter how much I spend," said Grace Warner, of Ambler, Pa.