The 'Neighborhood Crab Lady' opens popular Crab Cravers food truck in Wilmington

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Wilmington’s ‘Neighborhood Crab Lady’ opens popular food truck
Yolanda Parson, known as the “neighborhood crab lady,” recently opened up for business with her new Crab Cravers food truck in Wilmington, Delaware and she's already a big hit.

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- She's known as the "neighborhood crab lady."

Yolanda Parson recently opened up her new food truck for business at 1600 North East Boulevard in Wilmington, Delaware - and she's already a big hit.

"I sell out every day," she said. "Every time I come out here, I sell out."

Crab Cravers food truck flavors the crabs in their signature family-created seasoning and the proof is in the pudding - or should we say crabs.

"Once one person comes, it's back-to-back-to-back. It's nonstop traffic," said Parson.

"She's a giving person - kind, patient. She's a go-getter. She's a big thinker, a dreamer," said family friend and employee, Robert Thomas.

Customers say they feel like they are part of the family when they step up to the Crab Cravers window.

"I love the service. Just even speaking with her the first time, it was like a know her," said Linda and Mark Castelow.

Parson says she knows her vision and where she's heading, so she just knew she needed to open a food truck.

"I want to thank God for this because this is exactly what I prayed for," she said.

She said she's really appreciates everyone who comes out to support the food truck because without them, she would have nothing.

"I really can't believe it. This is just my dream and it's turned into something so big and I'm so happy," said Parson.

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