Da-Wa Sushi & Ramen brings international fish selection to Fishtown

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Da-Wa Sushi & Ramen brings international fish selection to Fishtown
Da-Wa Joseph's Sushi & Ramen is a husband and wife-owned restaurant in Fishtown. The couple is gearing up for Valentine's Day.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At Da-Wa Joseph's Sushi & Ramen in Fishtown, Joseph Kim is the chef and his wife, Ellie works the front of the house.

Serving fish as fresh as possible, Chef Kim welcomes weekly deliveries of different types of fish from all around the world, including Otoro bluefin tuna from Spain, king salmon from New Zealand, and yellowtail from Japan.

Chef Kim says that sushi tastes best in February.

"In the wintertime, the water gets cold and the fish get fattier," says Chef Kim.

He's already gearing up for Valentine's Day as Da-Wa welcomes many couples this time of year.

On V-Day all Junmai "pure rice" sake will be on the house.

Da-Wa offers more than sushi.

There are also three types of ramen, along with braised pork belly bao buns, octopus tempura, shrimp ceviche, and crispy rice with bluefin tuna, to name a few.

Chef Kim grew up in South Korea and moved to New Jersey when he was 12.

He met his wife while working at a sushi spot in New York.

The couple has turned Da-Wa into a true family-run restaurant, including Joseph's 72-year-old mother, who still works there daily.

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