Tidal flooding forces people out of their homes in Salem County, New Jersey

The Delaware River overflowed its banks causing flooding in Carneys Point and Penns Grove.

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Sunday, October 31, 2021
Major flooding forces people out of their homes in NJ
The Delaware River caused flooding in Salem County forcing evacuations in Penns Grove and Carneys Point late Friday night.

SALEM COUNTY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Parts of Salem County, New Jersey saw severe flooding following Friday night's storms.

Residents of the Penn Village Apartments in the 200 block of South Smith Avenue in Penns Grove walked Action News through their flooded downstairs units.

Stacey Brown says the water came through her back sliding glass door and her front door. The flood-prone area sits close to the Delaware River.

"It's all in my house. I got all the water up in it, all my rugs and stuff is probably no good," said Brown.

Brown is not alone, multiple downstairs residents were also affected by the storm.

Carlos Gonzalez said he escaped damage to his unit, but his car is a total loss.

"Other people were pushing the cars out. The water was literally up to my window," said Gonzalez who realized it was too late and had to leave his car underwater.

Instead, he focused on getting his downstairs neighbors into safety.

"My neighbors couldn't get out, so I was like, 'You know what, come, upstairs guys,'" said Gonzalez.

Carney's Point Care Center, a rehabilitation center, was forced to evacuate residents, according to emergency responders.

The facility refused to comment about the whereabouts of patients when Action News contacted them on Saturday.

Even though floodwaters receded by Saturday afternoon there were still some impassable roads leading up to the center.

Other parts of Carney's Point were also affected.

Darlene Jimenez has owned her home for 40 years. She has only been flooded twice. This time her backyard and shed were underwater but her house was spared.

"Thank God it didn't go in," said a relieved Jimenez.