Philadelphia Eagles Tre Sullivan to escort Universal Audenried Charter High School senior to prom

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Two lucky seniors at Universal Audenried Charter High School in Grays Ferry won free trips to the prom.

"They have no idea," said Principal Blanchard Diavua. "This is going to be a complete surprise."

And that's not all.

Anton Moore, co-founder and president of 'Unity in the Community,' revealed there's even a bigger surprise in store.

"She doesn't know that Tre Sullivan from the Philadelphia Eagles is going to escort her to prom."

One by one, Jermaine Belle and Autumn Wallace were called to the stage in the auditorium to be honored for their hard work.

The all-expense-paid prom night was the first surprise. But Autumn was about to be shocked again as Tre Sullivan approached the podium to cheers.

"I'm asking to escort you to your prom," said Sullivan.

The crowd cheered. Jaws dropped. Autumn was stunned as Sullivan gave her a hug.

Autumn said, "I'm just shocked. I didn't know this was going to happen!"
Sullivan explained, "I look back, and I think I wish I had a better prom and things like that so I look at it as a great opportunity to help a younger kid have that experience and really enjoy the prom."

This is all part of 'Unity in the Community's' 9th annual Ultimate Prom Experience, designed to help give students prom nights that otherwise they may not have been able to afford. According to Principal Diavua, "We decided we were going to focus on somebody- people- who had academic prowess, strong character, and really were cheerleaders for their school."

Hair, wardrobe, tickets, transportation, and more, it's all taken care of thanks to generous donors, a relief to Jermain Belle.

"It's a load off because I was going to have to pay for a lot of stuff," he said.

As for Sullivan, he's looking forward to it.

"I plan on having a great trip with whoever I get to make a great experience for them- we're going to enjoy it," he said.
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