Taking workouts from the gym to the playground

Friday, April 24, 2015
VIDEO: Taking workouts from the gym to the playground
A local trainer has a great way to make fitness fun and bring out the kid inside.

Trainer Cindy Brown of Core Fitness says one of the best ways to make fitness more playful is to move it to a playground.

I joined in. How could I resist when the warm-up was swinging.

"You're looking up at the beautiful sky, you're swinging like a kid and it all comes right back to you," said Brown.

She took us through a few basic moves you can do anywhere - but we were at the park.

We started with push-ups - with your feet up on a swing. It's more difficult and works more of your body.

We flipped over for pull ups then onto a bridge or squats one leg at a time to work your backside.

"So instead of getting both at the same time, you're putting it all on one side so it's a nice slow burn and isolation," said Brown.

Next were full sit-ups - using the slide for support.

For cardio, Brown suggests hop-overs and pike jumps.

With all these moves, she says focus on form first, then measure progress.

"Let's say you start with five pushups one day, two weeks later you're doing 10 pushups and you're feeling really strong throughout your body," said Brown.

Plus, the more the merrier - working out with others is more fun and will keep you accountable.

The best part is, while playground workouts will get you in shape, they won't feel like work.

"They get you out of the house, get you out of a gym, they get you outside, breathing fresh air, getting to be a kid again," said Yajaira Curiel.

Brown also suggests if you're looking for more motivation, join a challenge or group fitness class.

For more information on the Core Fitness playground workout or the SHRED challenge, visit: www.core-fit.com