Preparations underway as another winter rain storm targets Delaware Valley

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Preparations underway as another storm targets Delaware Valley
Preparations underway as another winter rain storm targets Delaware Valley

BRIDGEPORT, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Road crews and first responders spent the day on Friday preparing for another heavy rain event just days after several inches of rain fell in the area.

"Plan ahead for flooding," said Todd Stieritz, with Montgomery County Public Safety.

Flood watches are in place for much of the area because of elevated water levels in rivers, creeks and streams from the last storm on Tuesday.

PennDOT sent road crews out to check on drains and clear them of any debris to prevent flooding.

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Dan Daley in making preparations in Port Providence.

"I've secured some items in the back yard and everything and I was more concerned with last week," said Daley.

In Philadelphia, crews are expecting high tide on the Delaware River around 3 a.m. and are concerned about flooding on Columbus Blvd.

In Delaware County, PennDOT crews cleared debris from the Chester Creek. The creek divides Upland and Chester, an area that was hit hard by flooding earlier this week.

PECO still has more than 1,000 extra crews on hand to help restore power lost during the last storm and to help fix any power issues that crop up with Friday night's storm.

"Oh, I'm over it already for sure," said Jay Bates, who lost power to his home in Upper Marion Township on Wednesday and is still waiting for it to be turned back on.

Officials are warning people that more outages are expected this weekend.

"We're expecting strong winds and on top of that the ground is already very saturated," said Stieritz.