Formerly homeless man becomes traveling keynote speaker

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Friday, January 26, 2024
Formerly homeless man becomes traveling keynote speaker
"I had given up on life. I quit," said Frederick Shegog, a formerly homeless man who now travels the country with a motivational message.

POTTSTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Today, Frederick Shegog is a motivational speaker with a meaningful message. But eight years ago, his situation was quite different.

"I found myself homeless, downtown dumpster diving, begging for change," he said. "And I wanted to die. I had given up on life. I quit."

On the brink of despair, a stranger showed kindness to Shegog. That inspired him to seek treatment, go to college, and start his own business.

Now, Shegog travels the country providing keynote speeches through his company, 'The Message, LLC.'

Most recently, he spoke to Montgomery County Community College about legacy, working hard, and mental health.

"So, I'm here today to share my story and let them know: inspire, educate and create, you can be whatever you want," he said. "It's not how you start. It's how you finish."

In the future, Shegog will acquire a master's degree and pursue a doctorate. He hopes to become more involved with spurring positive policy changes in government.

To learn more about Frederick Shegog, visit his website.

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