The Wonton Project: eating dumplings to stop AAPI hate

High Street Hospitality Group's Ellen Yin may own 5 restaurants but she says she barely ever uses her own kitchen.

But there is one thing she does know how to make-wontons, a comfort food staple she remembers making with her mother and grandmother as a child.

She's now sharing that family recipe with Philadelphia through the Wonton Project, a ghost kitchen concept she first conceived as a way to provide more work for her employees during the pandemic.

Then in March, a shooter went on a rampage in Atlanta, killing 6 women of Asian descent and she felt compelled to do something.

Through May 31, she's donating 100 % of the profits to 2 organizations that advocate for Asian Americans and other underserved communities-Asian Americans United and Advancing Justice.

Wontons are the only thing on the menu. You can get them fried or boiled, soup-style.

Either way, they are stuffed with pork, shrimp and vegetables

Wontons, Yin says, are something that everybody can relate to and, on that common ground, she hopes to raise money and awareness to stop the hate.

The Wonton Project | Website

Wednesday-Sunday, Takeout & Delivery

Through May 31, 2021 with 100% of proceeds donated to 2 non-profits

Asian Americans United |Website

Advancing Justice | Website

Fork Restaurant | Website | Facebook | Instagram

306 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19106

(215) 625-9425
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