HEALED: Optimism, Diversity, and Survival

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Thursday, June 24, 2021
HEALED: Optimism, Diversity, and Survival
Get inspired by Pat's motivating and optimistic guests.

Join Pat Croce with this week's inspiring and motivating American Cancer Society Healed Gathering.

Guests this week include: Kimberly S. Reed and Karen Moon.

Kimberly S. Reed, Med, DCP, is an award-winning diversity and inclusion expert, international speaker, and corporate trainer. The Chief Transformational Officer of the Reed Development Group LLC, she has developed a distinguished reputation as having one of the most distinct and powerful voices on the lecture circuit, transforming the thinking of thousands. Kimberly is author of the book Optimists Always Win which was released in early 2021. Kimberly is Vice-Chair of the American Cancer Society Volunteer Leadership Council of Southern New Jersey. Kim is a cancer survivor and was a caregiver for her mother during her cancer journey.

Karen K. Moon, LSW, LCSW is a clinical therapist specializing in helping people through life transitions such as death, divorce, aging, career changes, and parenting. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in family systems, psychodynamic theory, and mindfulness, Karen has been called upon to help individuals and groups coping with traumatic events including the Oklahoma City bombings, 9/11 attacks, and Columbine shootings.