Police: Haverford bicyclist injured in crash was intentionally hit

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Police: Haverford bicyclist injured in crash was intentionally hit
Police: Haverford bicyclist injured in crash was intentionally hit

UPPER DARBY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Steve Hall is still recovering from a terrifying hit-and-run crash earlier this month that was captured on video.

In the video, you can see the silver car slowly trailing behind him, and then suddenly the driver speeds up and rams right into him.

Hall says he suffered brain bleeding, widespread bruising and a fractured vertebra.

"How lucky am I that I'm bruised head to toe but I didn't break any bones? I didn't break my hip, my ankle, or my knee. These are all impacted," said Hall.

The 72-year-old engineer was riding his bicycle from his home in Haverford to work in Philadelphia on November 8 along Marshal Road in Upper Darby.

"I crossed 69th Street as I was approaching Cobbs Creek, and next thing I know I was waking up and my head was on the ground and somebody was talking to me. I think it was a policeman," said Hall.

Upper Darby Police say the vehicle was stolen. They have identified the driver as Da'Mont Wheeler.

They're also looking for another man who detectives say was in the car at the time of the crash.

While the motive is unclear, investigators say Hall was targeted.

"It's basically haunting me ever since it happened. It's three weeks now and pretty much all I think about," said Hall.

Hall is an avid cyclist. He says one of his earliest memories is his first bike as a kid. As traumatic as this incident was, he says it won't stop him from riding again.

"I'll be that much more cautious in the future but still I don't want to live my life scared all the time," said Hall.

Upper Darby police say they found the stolen vehicle but are still searching for the suspects. Anyone with information should call Detective Fran George with Upper Darby police.