Kirra's Cakes and Beyond and Gluten Lab are new bakeries that started in their owners' homes

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- COVID-19 has home-baking businesses are on the rise and they're helping support and connect the community. Plus, the goodies they're making taste pretty yummy, too.

Kirra's Cakes and Beyond is a homemade baking business offering a cornucopia of cakes, cookies and more. You can get pretty much anything you want for any occasion, birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties. Imagination is the only limit here.

Owner Kirra Clark is a stay-at-home mom of six, and the kids are very happy with the benefits of getting the leftovers. Kirra learned the art of pastry as an apprentice at a baking shop, and then incorporated those skills into her practice at home. Growing now into 10 years with concoctions like the Margarita cupcake, a lime cake with buttercream, and patron inside. There's also one of her most proud creations, the Septa Bus Cake, for a local woman who was retiring from Septa.

Kirra's Cakes and Beyond
Every weekend, the Gluten Lab is breaking bread for a benevolent cause and donating to local businesses and families in need. The lab is a converted kitchen adjacent to founder Michael Brunetti's home in Northern Liberties. With a fine chef background, Michael enjoys experimenting with rustic breads, pasta and different baked goods, all made by hand. They incorporate local and seasonal ingredients into their products. The Focaccia is comprised of locally grown, rooftop Sungold tomatoes.

It all started when the pandemic unfolded back in March, as a way to fill a need. Michael's family owned a small pizzeria in Scranton for the past 60 years, where he worked with dough his whole life. Just recently, the pizzeria folded its doors due to Covid-19.

Now, Michael's using his family's old school techniques while expanding on his foundation. Especially with his rye sourdough pretzels made with local beer and an everything bagel spice sprinkled on top. It goes perfect with their dipping sauce - a blend of cultured butter and spicey brown mustard. Michael also takes custom orders, and enjoys a good challenge.

Both Kirra and Michael are looking a brick and mortar shop or an upgraded commercial kitchen.

Gluten Lab
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