Iconic Ocean City business shutting down after nearly 70 years

"We have come to the not-so-easy decision to make 2022 our last year in business," Voltacos announced Friday.

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Saturday, September 3, 2022
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OCEAN CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- After nearly 70 years in business at the Jersey Shore, Ocean City's popular Italian take-out sandwich shop Voltacos says this will be its last summer.

"We do this with sadness in our hearts, as this life here is the only one we have truly ever known, but we are also happy and optimistic for our futures," the business posted on Facebook.

Opening in 1954, Voltacos has served generations of residents looking for meat-packed cheesesteaks, delicious sandwiches and everything in between.

The Friday announcement was a shocker to many who flock to the iconic business year after year.

"An Ocean City institution!! Voltaco's and your wonderful food are as much a part of my personal Ocean City experience as are the Beach, the Boardwalk," Eric C. Axelson commented on Voltacos' Facebook page.

"I am devastated!!!! The best cheesesteak I have ever had!!!!! Saturday lunches will never be the same," wrote another person.

There's still time to stock up on all your favorites. Voltacos says its last day open will be October 9.

Read the full announcement from the business below:

"Since 1954, Voltacos has been here to serve our customers, locals and tourists alike, the best Italian take-out at the Jersey Shore. Now in our fourth generation, we are proud of the business we have built and the legacy we have made for ourselves in the process. Generations of our customers have crossed through our doors, with some now coming in with their grandchildren who they themselves were small children when their older family members first brought them in. Countless employees have come to work for us, some staying a brief period, others with a Voltacos career spanning decades. Thousands of lives have been touched from both sides of the counter. We have done our best to approach every order, every day, every season with our best foot forward, with the mindset of it could be our last, because in a business like this there are no guarantees. As every season winds down, we always begin to look back and reflect as well as look forward and project. After much deliberation, we have come to the not-so-easy decision to make 2022 our last year in business. We do this with sadness in our hearts, as this life here is the only one we have truly ever known, but we are also happy and optimistic for our futures. The lives we have been blessed with have been created through nothing short of hard work, loyalty and dedication from so many, and it is a debt that can never be repaid. We want to thank all of our customers, whether you only visited once or were a diehard Voltacos loyalist. Every employee, regardless of time spent, we want to thank you as well. Every single one of you has impacted our lives in ways we can never express. Thank you to all of you. Thank you to the City of Ocean City for doing every thing you could do to make this town a place that people would flock to, for without that our success would have been lessened. Thank you to our Creator for blessing us with such an amazing experience. We have stayed in business through wars, hurricanes, floods, multiple economic recessions, employee shortages, supply shortages, a pandemic, and just about anything else the world can throw at a small family business to try and stop it. We would be naive to think there is not some sort of divine intervention at play there. We have weathered all of these and are finishing things on our terms. We hope we may have touched your lives like so many of you have touched ours. We still have work to do, and will finish our 69th and final season as expected on Sunday, October 9th, doing business the way we have always done it, the way that has brought us to this point today. Thank you all so very much."

With Love,
Joe Sr, Vicki, Jeff Sr and Jeffrey Jr
The Taccarino Family