HEALED - Put Yourself First

Pat Croce's American Cancer Society Healed Gathering is helping you Put Yourself First.

The first guest is Dr. Kahyun Yoon-Flannery, Co-Director and Breast Surgeon at Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, and Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University.

A talented surgeon and busy mom of four kids, Dr. Yoon-Flannery touches on the innovative surgical techniques she employs and how she supports her patient's physical health, along with the mental and emotional - treating the whole person, not just the cancer. However most of their chat focuses on how she embraces herself. From art to baking to furniture rehab to family, Dr. Yoon-Flannery highlights the importance of taking care of yourself first.

We next meet Tarralyn Jones, a two-time breast cancer survivor who also overcame the removal of two tumors from her brain. She is an author, advocate and thriving survivor.

Mom to a current NFL player and wife to a former player, Tarralyn talks about the Professional Football Players Mothers Association partnership with the American Cancer Society to urge screening for everyone.

She also shares her mantra - "I am living my authentic truth. Loving me for whom I am, what I am. Live. Laugh. Love." Tarralyn calls herself "the Self-Care Diva".

She truly embraces putting herself first - her physical, mental, and emotional health, and shares tips on how to not get caught up in a busy life and forget to take care of yourself.

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