Philly artist uses her talents to root for Eagles in divided household

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Thursday, January 26, 2023
Philly artist uses her talents to root for Eagles in divided household
Despite creating exemplary Eagles artwork, Tanae Guerrant can't convince her husband, a 49ers fan, to root for the birds.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "I grew up just loving to be creative, drawing, painting," said Tanae Guerrant. "I also grew up, you know, loving the Philadelphia Eagles. I've been a fan since Randall Cunningham. He was the first quarterback that I admired."

Now, there's a new quarterback in town: Jalen Hurts. And Guerrant, a realtor, mother of three, and an artist, decided to pay tribute to him.

"When I started watching him last season, I was like, oh, this guy's special," she said. "So, I decided to do a painting with him."

Guerrant experimented by adding resin and shattered glass to her oil-on-canvas portrait. Taking roughly 20 hours of work combined, it now hangs proudly in her living room along with other works of art.

Guerrant's husband, Harold Bivens, happens to be a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. He has no choice but to look at the portrait every day.

"I grew up in West Philly, just not an Eagles fan," he said. "West coast offense, I was just amazed by it."

Bivens was fascinated by Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Joe Montana as a child. But seeing the parallels with how his own children adore Jalen Hurts, he can't help but to appreciate the Eagles quarterback.

"I admire Jalen Hurts, though. I followed him through college and now and I really respect what he's been through," said Bivens. "People looking up to you, so, kids most definitely looking up to you and see how you conduct yourself. And I think it goes a long way."

It's an exciting yet competitive time for the couple as they look forward to the NFC Championship game this Sunday.

"I just knew they were the two standout teams in the conference, so I seen it coming," said Bivens. "I was waiting for this."

Despite how badly the 49ers fan wants a Super Bowl win, his wife seems to already be making plans for her beloved Eagles.

"Hopefully, the Eagles are gonna go to the Super Bowl, and then I'll have another painting to do," said Guerrant. "A nice painting with, you know, the whole team."

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