Eagles fan turns bathroom into a Birds-themed 'Sanctuary'

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Saturday, February 11, 2023
Eagles fan turns bathroom into a Birds-themed 'Sanctuary'
"And you know what's going to happen to Kansas City?" asked Marcy Allen. "They're going down the toilet!"

BRYN MAWR, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Bryn Mawr woman sits on a throne of Eagles fandom after two decades of decorating a Birds fan's dream bathroom.

"It all started, I got a couple Eagles gifts," said Marcy Allen. "And then I told my husband, you know what, I want to make our powder room into an Eagles bathroom and I want to call it my 'Eagles Sanctuary.'"

Over 25 years, Allen filled the small space with Eagles memorabilia ranging from newspapers, pins, autographs, Christmas ornaments, posters, magazines, toys, and even batteries and a toothbrush.

And of course, she has an Eagles-themed toilet lid cover and hand towels.

"My husband decorates for all holidays, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, but you leave the Eagles stuff to me," she said. "They think it's a man thing, but now there are a lot more females into the games too."

Allen grew up an Eagles fan after adopting a love of the sport from her brothers. Part of a family of seven, she was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New Jersey when she was 1 year old.

After waiting her whole life, she was thrilled to see the Eagles finally win a Super Bowl in 2018. Allen is now hoping for a second victory this Sunday.

"And you know what's going to happen to Kansas City?" she asked. "They're going down the toilet!"

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