Call 1-900-ICE-CREAM for amazing ice cream with all the mix-ins

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Ryan Fitzpatrick and his small crew are handcrafting ice cream with local grass-fed dairy and a dizzying array of mix-ins.

Every morning over coffee, they decide the day's flavor; they've come up with more than 400 to date, like The Big Sauzule.

Made with salted vanilla ice cream with triple chocolate cake chunks and peanut butter swirl.

The ice cream is made in small batches and sold by the pint with each flavor including a familiar base, a crunch or a chunk and a swirl.

Here's how it works. You sign up for their Flavor Drop email.

They drop 3-6 new flavors every Friday. You place your order, and you can pick it up Saturday at the Frankford Avenue shop. If you prefer to have the ice cream come to you, 1-900-ICE CREAM ships nationwide. They drop the flavors for shipping on Sunday nights and then ship the following day (Monday).

1-900- ICE CREAM |Flavor Drop email signup | Instagram
1405 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19125
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