Philadelphia boutique giving back to community

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For a West Philadelphia business owner and teacher, it's all about stitching together the threads of humanity.

Kimberly McGlonn had some Philly roots that brought her to the city 17 years ago, but she grew up on Grant Boulevard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"On that block, I learned a lot about suffering, about success, and about service," said McGlonn of her hometown.

She's now a teacher and also started her own clothing store called Grant Boulevard, but it's not like any other store you'll find.

"I think for us, we think about the clothes that we wear as being a part of our costume, some days it's part of our armor, other days I think it also has the potential always to communicate our values," she said.

Her business model isn't just to sell, it's about sustainability and the imprint we leave on our planet. But beyond reducing waste, and giving fabrics and clothing new life, it's about a movement to strengthen the bond with society and the community that you live in.

"Just being of service, it's a part of what I think every good business should do," she said.

McGlonn and her team play active roles volunteering for organizations that help those formerly incarcerated find jobs and for youth currently in the detention system. She also frequently donates percentages of store revenue to charities and participates in huge community cleanups.

"Black History Month means the jubilant celebration of us. A long story of suffering and oppression, but also a story of triumph in a fight and persistence and resistance, and in self-love, and people who really sacrifice their freedoms and their family lives in the state in pursuit of justice and equity. And the idea that we only get one month to celebrate it means that we have to go hard every single day," she said.
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