Philly's 'Chicken Man' wants your help to feed his community

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Friday, November 18, 2022
Philly's 'Chicken Man' wants your help to feed his community
He's famously eaten 40 rotisserie chickens. But now, Alexander Tominsky wants to give some away to his neighbors in need.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The world watched him eat a chicken. And now, Alexander Tominsky wants the world to help his neighbors eat, too.

"I ate so much, I pained myself," he said. "And now it's time to feed the people that are pained because they don't have enough to eat".

The folks at South Philadelphia Community Fridge, a two-year-old volunteer organization, reached out to Tominsky with a call to action. They dared him to name the time and place to distribute rotisserie chickens to the neighborhood.

Tominsky jumped on board and put out a request for his newly-found Twitter audience to donate. So far, they have rallied $1,600.

With that money, South Philadelphia Community Fridge will be able to install a refrigerator at DiSilvestro Playground, where there is currently only a dry food pantry.

Also, to complete the challenge, Tominsky is encouraging the community to help with the aforementioned rotisserie chicken distribution on Sunday, December 11, at 12:00pm at Mifflin Square Park.

"Just bring over a chicken," he said. "It's very easy. Very simple."

People can also make a financial contribution to help South Philadelphia Community Fridge acquire the chickens to donate.

But in addition to chickens, they also need help from humans.

"You can do anything from showing up once a week to clean a fridge or put some food in it," said volunteer Victoria Jayne, "Or anything from getting involved by signing up to be a regular volunteer and transport food."

With love for his community, Tominsky thinks he will keep doing good deeds in the future.

"Not just the neighbors, but the entire world. We all have something in common. It's a very short amount of time that we're all living on this world together," he said. "We all have to look out for each other, to support each other."

To learn more about South Philadelphia Community Fridge and their rotisserie chicken food drive, visit their website.

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