Kickball tournament raises thousands for cancer research

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Saturday, August 6, 2022
Kickball tournament raises thousands for cancer research
Liz Radosti-Chapman and her husband have battled cancer a total of four times. Today, they teamed up to kick it goodbye!

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Colorful teams of athletes put their souls (and soles) into kicking cancer this morning at Fairmount Park. It was the 12th annual Philly Kicking Cancer event hosted by the Kicking Cancer Foundation.

"Cancer, unfortunately, is extremely prevalent in our family," said Liz Radosti-Chapman. "But it hit us home more personally about 17 years ago, my husband had his first cancer diagnosis. And then five years later, he had a second cancer diagnosis."

Radosti-Chapman discovered the Kicking Cancer Foundation in her efforts to get involved within the community. She and her husband participated for two years before their lives changed yet again.

"In November of 2020, I unfortunately was called off the bench and it was my turn to kick cancer," she said.

Radosti-Chapman was diagnosed with breast cancer. And just a month later, her husband received a third rare cancer diagnosis. Still, they pressed onward. And with the support of one another, they are currently doing well.

"I was incredibly blessed and lucky that we caught it early," said Radosti-Chapman. "So, for me, it was let's fight, let's find the best resources and let's rally the team and let's get it done."

This year's event marks the first time that this community has competed in-person since 2019 due to pandemic restrictions. Since 2009, Kicking Cancer has raised roughly $450,000 to fund cancer research. They partner with Fox Chase Cancer Center to impact the lives of local patients.

"Being here, it's about community," said Radosti-Chapman. "It's about symbolically kicking a ball and being like, goodbye cancer, like, we got this. Do not come back."

To learn more about the Kicking Cancer Foundation, visit their website.

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