Drivers wake up Easter morning to find car brake lines had been cut in New Castle County

Authorities say that if you or someone you know has their brake lines cut, do not attempt to drive the car.

Monday, April 1, 2024
Several cars have brake lines cut overnight in New Castle County
Several cars have brake lines cut overnight in New Castle County

MIDDLETOWN, Delaware (WPVI) -- Police in New Castle County are investigating after several vehicles were tampered with on Easter Sunday.

Officers were called to the 100 block of Bakersfield Drive in Middletown when neighbors woke up to find their brake lines had been cut.

Neighbors who spoke with Action News say this was the last thing they expected in their quiet community.

Some called it a bold act of vandalism, especially for it to happen on Easter.

"You'd have to come really, really close to the house. And you're pretty far from the road if you needed to get away, so you'd have to be pretty confident to come up," noted Jessica Keith from Middletown.

Others questioned what the vandal's motive was in this incident.

"I don't know what they're getting from it. I mean, what's the point of doing that to somebody? I don't know what the point is, it's just mean," said Brenda Harkins from Middletown.

Action News spoke with one woman who had the brakes cut on two of her vehicles.

She said she doesn't know why she was targeted, but she's expecting to have to make costly repairs.

In January 2024, police say they investigated a similar incident in the Bayberry South neighborhood.

Investigators said at that time, an elderly couple discovered their brake lines were cut during the overnight hours.

Residents in the area now say they are contemplating upgrading their security measures.

Harkins says she wants to install security cameras. Until that's done, she says she'll be double-checking her cars.

She said she would be paying extra attention to her son's car since he has a three-hour ride back to his college campus.

"We're having people over for Easter but before they leave we're definitely going to have him check because he's going off to college. It would be a long drive, it would be very dangerous if his lines were cut," Harkins said.

Authorities say that if you have your brake lines cut, you should not attempt to drive the car.

Contact local police immediately and have a qualified mechanic check the vehicle.

Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to contact New Castle County police at 302-573-2800.