SEPTA Metro? Transit agency mulling big changes including new name, map and signage

SEPTA's new initiative would be part of a potential $40 million rebrand.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- SEPTA is working on rebranding, and the company is asking for the public's feedback.

From new signage to a whole new look, the idea is to make the public transit system easier to navigate.

It has people talking, from social media to the city streets.

SEPTA wants to rename the city's subways, trolleys, and light rail network 'The Metro.'

It wants to change the way commuters have spelled out the "El," the elevated trains to just the letter "L."

It would be part of a potential $40 million rebrand.

The idea is to make the public transportation system easier for new riders after research found that riders are perplexed by SEPTA's current signage.

For easier navigating, each route will be identified by a new color and a single letter.

They hope this will make it easier to navigate for people with disabilities and those who don't speak English.

But SEPTA wants the public's feedback, so they're launching a two-month feedback period.

They're looking at 2022, maybe 2023, for the potential rebrand.

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