The Cauldron is Philly's magical new fantasy-inspired bar and restaurant

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
The Cauldron is Philly's magical, fantasy-inspired bar and restaurant
The Cauldron is the magical food and drink concept of Matthew Courtland.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At The Cauldron, everyone's either a wizard, a witch, or a nonbinary magical being with special powers to whip up potions.

With a magic wand, you can head to the magical menagerie, insert a wizard coin, wave your wand and the unicorns will dispense the cocktail or mocktail of your choice.

At your table, there is the potion-making experience. It's like an escape room meets cocktail-making class, where you brew concoctions with your dining companions.

The Cauldron is the concept of Matthew Courtland, of Medford, New Jersey.

He invented the magic wand, filled with sensor-based technology that he programs to pair with equipment.

David Duckworth is the co-founder and both are on a mission to bring magic to life.

They opened their first location in London. Philly is the sixth spot and only the second in the United States.

Along with the cocktails, there's magical food, too.

The fish and chips are battered in Yards beer and set on a bed of hot rocks and fairy dust.

When they pour hot seaweed broth on top, it gives you the smell of the ocean.

There are spicy dragon wings and a favorite from across the pond called cauliflower cheese.

They light it on fire and then put it out with ribbons of hot melted English cheddar.

And to end your meal, try the bubbling shots of death.

The Cauldron is family-friendly certain times of the day with non-alcoholic versions of those cocktails the kids can whip up.

And because Matthew started his career as a teacher and found his love of fantasy through reading, they ask customers to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book.

They donate those to under-resourced schools in Philadelphia and Camden.

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