Local solutions for police reform, latest on Philadelphia Mayor's race | Inside Story

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Monday, February 6, 2023
Watch Feb. 5 Inside Story: Local solutions for Police reform
The death of Tyre Nichols has renewed calls for police reform. Our panel examines local solutions for reform and how race factors into these cases.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As they laid Tyre Nichols to rest in Memphis, Tennessee, this past week, the sting of the brutal beating resulting in his death by the hands of police officers is prompting calls for police reform.

Host Tamala Edwards and the roundtable panel discuss renewed local and national legislation calling for actionable steps to address policing policies.

Philadelphia City Councilperson Isaiah Thomas presented a 'Driving Equality Agenda' and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott sponsored a bipartisan Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation to congress.

Plus a frank discussion on how race factored into the Tyre Nichols case.

Other topics include the Philadelphia's Mayor's Race - Will Republican David Oh join the race? Can he win?; Helen Gym's misstep - after attending the protest of the Union League's honoring of Gov. Ron DeSantis - she attends an event at the Union League days later; Jeff Brown calls for more police funding, criticizes D.A. Krasner in a Northeast Philadelphia event.

Plus, there was an uncomfortable exchange between Former Mayor Michael Nutter and Jeff Brown at the Philadelphia Citizen Mayoral Interview series.

Lastly, Allan Domb, who now has more campaign funds than seven of his candidates combined airs a 'Nutter-esque' family ad.

And what's going on in Harrisburg? Current Speaker of the PA House Mark Rozzi wants to stay in his role after a backroom deal with both Republicans and Democrats to become the nominee until special elections take place in the coming weeks, which could give Democrats the majority once again. Did he go back on his word?

Get the Inside Story from this week's panel of Donna Gentile O'Donnell, Liz Preate Havey, Melissa Robbins and Jeff Jubelirer.