"Fairy Dusting" is the latest trend in spreading kindness throughout Montgomery County

BLUE BELL, Pa. -- Families in Montgomery County are starting to believe in magic.

It's thanks to a Facebook group known as "Sisterhood of the Traveling Spirits - Montgomery County." Their motto is to "Sprinkle kindness like it's fairy dust."

There's no better comparison for these thousands of women who engage in a surprise gift exchange with neighbors and strangers.

"You fly in, you drop it off, and you leave and they have no idea that you're even there, like a true fairy," said the group's creator, Susie Anhorn.

Anhorn says she was part of a similar group just a few weeks ago that abruptly shut down. She had a random thought around 3am last Tuesday to create her own group with a more local clientele. In just nine days, the group has gained the support of more than 3,000 members.

These members follow a set of rules in order to "dust" and "get dusted." They gather snacks and trinkets from Amazon or the Dollar Store to craft gift bags for other women in the community. Many of these bags include wine, coffee, and other "spirits." Once women are surprised with gifts, they tend to pay the act of kindness forward.

It has become a fun way to pass time during the COVID-19 pandemic while also supporting families, organizations and local charities.

If you live in Montgomery County and would like to join, visit their Facebook page.

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