Comcast executive David L. Cohen to step down from operations

Thursday, December 5, 2019
Overheard at Tredici with David L. Cohen
Ajay Raju and David L. Cohen at Tredici

PHILADELPHIA -- A top Comcast executive who's been a longtime civic leader in Philadelphia is stepping down from his operational duties next year as he turns 65.

David L. Cohen has helped guide the cable giant's lobbying, communications and corporate administration as senior executive vice president.

The former law firm partner has been at Comcast since 2002.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts in a company memo Thursday says Cohen will stay on as a senior advisor.

Cohen is also the chairman of the University of Pennsylvania's Board of Trustees and was chief of staff to former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell.

Cohen was recently featured on 6abc's Overheard at Tredici, which you can watch in the video player above.

David and Ajay Raju sit down to talk about David's insights around equity, equality, opportunity and the role of business in finding a lasting end to poverty.

Want to skip around? Here's what you need to watch:

1:28 - David's definition of leadership

2:19 - Equity: The most important thing

3:29 - Equality: A dangerous word

5:31 - How did David's career develop?

5:54 - The biggest mistake young people make when planning their careers

6:55 - David's thoughts on his number one skill as a leader

9:45 - David and Ajay discuss Philadelphia's Tale of Two Cities

13:38 - Political Will vs. Political Process - How does the city improve vacant lots?

14:30 - David's thoughts on the building trade unions' rolls in development, or the lack of it

15:30 - David's blunt assessment on how Philadelphia City Government makes it hard to attract new business

16:32 - The solution to poverty

17:30 - Why Ed Rendell was the best mayor in Philadelphia history

18:58 - How do you pitch Philadelphia to the world as a bio-tech hub (we already are)

20:32 - David names the one man who is responsible for bringing bio-tech businesses to Philadelphia, just because they want to be near him

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