Overheard with Ajay Raju and Helen Gym - Part 1

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Overheard with Ajay Raju and Helen Gym - Part 1
Part 1 of Ajay's conversation with democratic mayoral candidate Helen Gym

Have you been interested in hearing what the candidates for mayor have to say about Philadelphia, when they have plenty of time to share their thoughts?

Ajay Raju continues his series Overheard with several of the candidates for long, in depth conversations. You can listen in to the whole chat, or jump to these highlights:

1:20 - 4:35 Who is Helen Gym?: Progressive Organizer? Philadelphia Mom? Education Candidate? Radical?

4:35 - 11:40 Talkers versus Doers? Activist or Organizer? What are Helen's accomplishments?

12:00 - 16:45 Helen's belief that a Mayor must galvanize the City around a common mission focused on: public safety, education and economic opportunity.

16:45 - 24:50 Public Safety: how do we reorganize policing to focus on solving crimes? Illegal guns? Violence Interrupters? Modern Forensic Labs? Reduction in 911 Response Time?

25:00 - 31:00 Education: Merge City and School District? Affordable Childcare? Year-round support services? How do we pay for these?

31:00 - 39:02 Time to retire old form of politics? Socialist Mayor? Liveable City?

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