Overheard at Tredici with Josh Shapiro

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Attorney General Josh Shapiro is Overheard at Tredici
Pa. Attorney General Josh Shaprio and Ajay Raju

Tredici -- From his election as the first Democratic chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners in 150 years, to a first term as Pennsylvania Attorney General that has already been distinguished by landmark actions against the perpetrators of the opioid crisis, the clergy abuse epidemic and Trump's travel ban, Josh Shapiro has proven himself a transformative and bold advocate unafraid to take on the big fights.

In this installment of Overheard at Tredici, A.G. Shapiro talks to Ajay about the importance of finding common ground in divisive times, pursuing pragmatic strategies to battle inequality, and how a dashed dream of becoming the world's first physician-slash-NBA superstar launched a career trajectory that would one day make him Pennsylvania's "people's lawyer."

Want to skip around? Here's what you need to watch:

1:10 - Josh Shapiro talks about how watching his parents led him to a love for service.

2:10 - One bad day in college that changed Shapiro's entire life

5:40 - The political power brokers didn't support Shapiro in his run for attorney general. How did that work out? To whom is he beholden?

6:55 - Ajay asks about the best day on the job and the worst - it was the same day!

8:53 - Shapiro talks about realizing that there could be backlash from taking on the Catholic Church - and being OK with it.

10:47 - Strong thoughts on how the Church has not reformed and whether it can be trusted to police itself.

12:34 - The Attorney General shares his frustrations over how Catholic bishops in Pa. are spending millions to fight reform.

13:32 - What has happened to discussing the important issues, being able to disagree, but still working towards solutions?

15:37 - Shapiro talks about the irresponsible speech across the political spectrum, and the real, violent consequences it has.

17:46 - Do politicians understand the people of Pennsylvania and why they vote the way they do?

20:56 - Shapiro says Donald Trump knows how to appeal to disaffected voters, although his methods lead to some bleeped language.

22:31 - Pennsylvania has the most student debt in the nation - what can (or should) be done?

26:05 - The question is about taxing the ultra wealthy to cover student debt, the answer is about creating a tax and spend plan from the ground up.

28:30 - Who is the greatest Sixer? The greatest Eagle? One of these answers will surprise you.

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